We will discuss your needs with you when you enquire but our office spaces are currently used for many different types of business. Examples include art studios, nail salon, massage therapy, candle workshop, picture framing, a variety of goods in and out businesses, clothing repairs, storage, and much more. This is of course including using office space as traditional office space as well!

All offices have access to shared kitchens and toilets; however some have these internally as well. Every space has its own post box and there is access 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Office spaces also have an internal intercom to the front door to allow access to visitors.

High speed internet is one of any business’s top priorities. Here at Sheaf Bank we do not tie you into a provider with your unit. Instead, we have three different companies that already have the wires and infrastructure onsite. You can then make your own choice and negotiate your own contract directly. We also have great 4G and 5G coverage in most places.

How big an office space do I need?

It can be hard to know how much space you will need for your business. Many of our tenants begin their time at Sheaf Bank in a smaller unit and then as they grow move into a larger space. As a very rough estimate, using the space as traditional office space, we would suggest around 100 square feet per person. However, this would be very small for just one person, so our spaces start at around 150 square feet. This enables you to have a desk (or two) and other equipment without feeling cramped. At around 400 square feet you will find you are able to comfortably fit four to six desks or have desk space and room for your products. In our bigger office spaces at 750 square feet you would easily have space for 10 desks and even space to have a dedicated meeting area as well. If you are unsure about sizing then contact us to discuss your requirements as we might have some suggestions.

What makes office space at Sheaf Bank Business Park, Sheffield different?

Our tenants tell us that Sheaf Bank Business Park has a great community feel. We have friendly co-tenants, a good local pub, nearby café, and green space by the River Sheaf and Heeley People’s Park which all make working here that bit nicer!

We also pride ourselves on cutting out the middleman. Many office spaces are owned and managed by different people or organisations which can lead to less flexible terms and more complicated processes. Here at Sheaf Bank Business Park, Josie Bennett is both the owner and the management team! This means that communication is straightforward and direct. Josie also works hard to work with you and your business’s requirements, rather than a one size fits all approach. Many tenants tell us that Josie and how the business park is run is one of the main reasons for moving their business here.

Office spaces at Sheaf Bank Business Park are high quality but without the price tag of city centre locations or serviced offices. However you will not lose on convenience with good transport links and access to an onsite cleaner should you want to set this up directly.

We also offer lots of flexibility, especially for smaller office spaces. This means you can have the easy in and easy out of serviced offices without the cost. We will discuss terms and length of lease with you and where possible work with you to find an agreement to suit your needs.

Here at Sheaf Bank we offer our smallest offices for 1-3 people at an approximate monthly rent and service charge are around £350 - £400 per month. For larger spaces with space for around 6-10 people a budget of £600 - £800 for rent and service charge would be anticipated.

What is service charge?

All units and office spaces at Sheaf Bank have a service charge to pay each month. This money is kept separate from your rent when paid. It is used for the upkeep of all the communal areas. Units have different amounts of service charge because this is worked out on how big the space is and which communal areas or facilities it uses.

What is a damage deposit or bond?

This is a set amount of money paid at the start of your lease (when you sign for your space). The value of this bond is set by the amount of monthly rent the space costs and is usually set at three months rent. This will be held by us for the duration of your lease and upon you returning the space in the condition set out in your lease, without any outstanding rent or utility payments, will be returned to you.

Questions about Office Space in Sheffield

1How do I find good office space?
When looking at office spaces to rent it can be hard to know what makes one place better than another. Here at Sheaf Bank Business Park our tenants tell us that what makes our office spaces good include: flexible leases, access to good quality shared kitchens and toilets, onsite parking or free on street parking nearby, 24h access 365 days per year, three different broadband suppliers onsite, other friendly tenants, and dog friendly.

We believe that working with you to find an office space that meets your needs is key to it being good for you. We have a wide variety of unit sizes and shapes. We are also both the landlord and the estate management team so you can deal with us directly. No faceless communication. This also means we try to provide terms that are not scary or tie you in for long periods.
2Why is office space expensive?
Here at Sheaf Bank we try to provide affordable office space in Sheffield, UK. Many office spaces charge higher rents as they provide serviced spaces – such as reception and cleaning services. These can sometimes offer more flexible leases than none serviced spaces, but they are expensive per month. Office space with us has all the benefits of a high quality environment but without the price tag of being serviced. You have access to your own postbox, 24 hour 365 day access, shared toilets and kitchens, high speed internet wired onto site, and good transport links. All of this without the high price tag.
3How much space is required per person in an office UK?
We have units of all sizes and how much space is required for an office space depends upon how you want to use it. If you are just wanting to have one desk with access to shared kitchen and toilet space then one of our smaller units of around 150 square feet (approximately 14 square meters) would make a lovely space without feeling enclosed. An office space for two people would be a nice working environment at around 200 square feet. We also have units ideal for between six to ten people from 600 square feet upwards. As a reference the average size of a living room in a new build home is around 250 square feet.

The most important thing to consider when thinking about how big is also how big you would like your desk and storage to be. Many co-working or shared office spaces will offer you significantly less desk space than our office spaces. This means you could in fit more people into one of our smaller spaces, but it would not feel as comfortable. Many of our tenants who have larger offices for six or more people also use some of the space to create alternative seating or a small kitchen area. It is also possible to use partition in our larger spaces to create more private areas for meetings. To do this you would need 600 square feet or more.
4Can you live in an office space UK?
No. Here at Sheaf Bank Business Park we do not allow people to live in their units. This means that we do not have any residential spaces to rent. However, we are located in a beautiful part of Sheffield – Heeley. This has lots of housing within couple of minutes walk. Many of our tenants live locally and walk or cycle to their office space.
5What is permitted use office space?
At Sheaf Bank Business Park we have spaces to meet many different requirements. This includes using spaces for art studios, nail salon, tattoo artists, candle making workshop, massage studio, care companies, goods in and out businesses, and more, as well as many spaces that are used as traditional office space. We have other units that are used as workshops and storage. This means that we permit many uses.

We do have requirements that your usage is an activity that is legal within the UK. We also have noise restrictions which will vary depending upon where the unit is located on the site. When you visit to view a space we will discuss with you what you plan to use the space for so we can help understand if this use will be appropriate for the space.
6Can I have an office in my garage?
There are many things to consider when looking at making an office space at home. This can include heating, lighting, power, access to internet, and toilet facilities. It is also important to think about work – life balance and access to opportunities for social interaction.

Here at Sheaf Bank Business Park, Sheffield, we have all of this covered! We have lots of very friendly tenants to chat to over a cuppa in one of the shared kitchens for that break between tasks! All of our units also have access to three different high speed internet providers already wired to the business park. All units come with at least one window, plenty of power sockets, and good overhead lighting. Most have wall mounted heating.
7Do you need an office space?
For some businesses having a registered office is critical. Not only for businesses that require CQC registration, but as an indication to customers that the business is official, and UK based. Many of our tenants who previously had office space at home also tell us that having a base at Sheaf Bank Business Park has helped them keep a home – life balance. They also tell us that often they prefer leaving home to come to work and having the opportunity to connect with other people who also work from an office.
8Is it illegal to work in an office with no windows?
Although there is no specific rule about windows in office spaces, we value natural light and all of our office spaces have at least one window. Some of our units at Sheaf Bank Business Park have such good lighting they are used as art studios.
9What are 5 things that should be in a workspace set up?
As a minimum within all of our office spaces we provide electrical sockets, over head lighting, carpeted flooring, access to three different high speed internet providers, and shared high quality communal kitchens and toilet facilities. All of our units have at least one window. Most have wall mounted heating. Some larger office spaces have their own kitchen area internally.

Basics aside our top 5 things to look for in a workspace set up are: 1) location – can you get there easily; 2) the vibe or atmosphere of the building – are other tenants happy and can you easily talk to someone if you have a problem; 3) options to move up or down in space as your business requirements might change without having to move to a new building or site; 4) can you get access when you need it; 5) can you afford the rent and any service charges.
10How much does it cost to set up a small office?
At Sheaf Bank Business Park the biggest cost in setting up an office with us is the cost of the rent, service charge and utility bills. You will then also have costs for items such as furniture and technology that you might need to run your business. When you first take a space on as a tenant we will ask you to a provide a bond. How much this will be depends upon how much monthly rent the space will cost.
11How much does office space cost UK?
Office space is often advertised as an amount per square foot (or square meter). Unless you are used to understanding how much space you need this can be confusing! At Sheaf Bank Business Park we think a nice one or two person office is around 150 – 200 square feet and we would recommend a budget of £350 - £400 per month to cover rent and service charge.

If you have requirements for a bigger space then you will notice that the price per square foot reduces here at Sheaf Bank (although the overall cost will increase). We would suggest office space for 6 – 10 people would need 600 – 750 square feet and depending upon the location of the space this would need a budget of between £600 - £800 per month.